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New songs and new albums are released weekly and it can be hard to find true gems among the numerous new releases. Luckily, we are here to help and present to you a weekly updated list of our favourite new indie songs.

1. He Said She Said – CHVRCHES

Fans haven’t heard from CHVRCHES in a while, 2019 to be specific, but their new track, He Said She Saidproved to be well worth the wait. In a three-minute show of electronic-pop perfection, the song dives into heavy feminist themes—specifically the dreaded man-splaining. How the band recorded and collabed on the new single was also notable, drawing from inspirations like Billie Eilish over Zoom because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the music video below.

2. How It Feels – Coin

COIN has been a mainstay in the indie-pop scene since their breakout 2016 hit Talk Too Much, but what makes the band’s latest track, How It Feels, features the full embrace of a new sound. The song continues the shift from traditional guitar, drum-driven music to a much funkier style. Fans first witnessed this style on Self Care, a collab with electronic duo Louis The Child, with many of the same elements finding their way into their latest. It’s sure to invite new fans while keeping the old ones happy. Watch the lyric video below. 

3. Thank You, Will Shortz – Spang Sisters

 As Brighton act Spang Sisters prepares to release their upcoming self-titled album, out May 21, they decided to share the final single, Thank You, Will ShortzThe song is an ode to the New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz. The track is the perfect blend of nostalgic, dream-like harmonies with modern observations—making their music perfect for audiences of all ages. Drawing from inspirations like The Velvet Underground, Randy Newman, Dr. Dre, and the Japanese folk band Happy End, the forthcoming album is not to be missed. Listen below. 

4. Infinite Pleasure – The Pale White 

The Pale White took the indie scene by storm after the release of the 2018 EP Take Me To Strange, which made Friday’s release of their debut album Infinite Pleasure a must-listen. While the album as a whole certainly wasn’t perfect, the title track was a true stand-out. Coupling their trademark infectious riffs and heavy baselines with metallic drumming, this track perfectly encompasses the stadium, radio rock sound that is hard not to enjoy. Read our review and listen below. 

5. Death of the Social – Cucamaras 

Cucamaras haven’t blown up yet, but judging off of their latest single, they might soon. In a blistering two-and-a-half minute track, they take a simple, catchy riff and breathe it full of life. Everyone is anxious to get back to live venues but listening to the energy this song creates will take the longing to a whole new level. Listen below. 

Zachary Jarrell

Zachary Jarrell is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre, Journalism student at the University of Cincinnati, Assistant Editor at The National Memo, and opinion writer at The News Record.

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