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Lucy Dacus took to Twitter Tuesday to announce she will be releasing her third album, Home Video, on June 25 via Matador. She also shared a new single Hot & Heavy. Listen below.

The album “was built on an interrogation of her coming-of-age years in Richmond, Virginia,” according to a press release. Adding: “Loyal Dacus listeners may notice that the melodies here are lower and more contained, at times feeling as intimate as a whisper. The vulnerability of these songs, so often about the intense places where different sorts of love meet and warp, required this approach.”

Nostalgia, a main theme of the upcoming album, is evident in Hot & Heavy. The song builds beautifully, steadily adding instruments during the first verse as it heads to the indie rock sound fans of Dacus Love.

Dacus said about the album:

The past doesn’t change. Even if a memory is of a time I didn’t feel safe, there’s safety in looking at it, in its stability.

The new song will join her early March single Thumbs, a “white whale” to fans, on Home Video.

The boygenius member (whose other members are Julien Baker and Phoebe Bridgers) sent fans a teaser on her Instagram a day before the announcement, posting a photo of her in a movie theater with the caption, “a lot to say.”

I don’t necessarily think that I’m supposed to understand the songs just because I made them, I feel like there’s this person who has been in me my whole life and I’m doing my best to represent them.

Lucy Dacus

Home Video Tracklist

  1. Hot & Heavy
  2. Christine
  3. First Time
  4. VBS
  5. Cartwheel
  6. Thumbs
  7. Going Going Gone
  8. Partner In Crime
  9. Brando
  10. Please Stay
  11. Triple Dog Dare
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