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In a two-and-a-half minute banger, Cucamaras have taken a simple riff and given it not only an entire personality but a life. Truly punk, the instrumental is simple but punchy and definitely catchy. Which is all you need really, isn’t it?

The guitar’s wiry and repetitive. It’s dizzying but not in a too-fast-on-the-roundabout way, more of an ah-I-can-feel-that-pint-now way. Everyone loves a great lead guitar, but it’s tracks like these that make you sit back and go “rhythm sections really are underrated, aren’t they?”. Like any good rhythm section, the bass and drums really tie the whole thing together. That riff simply wouldn’t work without the fulfilling low range sound of the bass. And the toms and kick are right behind that bass like a good mate backing it.

With half-chanted, half-spoken vocals, you can see the life the track will take once we’re all allowed back in venues and we’re smashing into each other again. Death Of The Social is a fantastic track as it is, but there’s this lurking feeling that it’ll be twice the track when performed live. It has the energy to create its own atmosphere. And it will.

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Holly Quinn

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