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Cassia played a gig to remember on Halloween night 2019When local trio Cassia announced a headline show at Manchester Cathedral on Halloween, it seemed like too much of an exciting gig to miss out on. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t wrong, and there was something about being in a Cathedral on 31st October that felt really special.

First to grace the scenic stage was Ryan Gibson, a solo artist who received a warm welcome from the crowd. He was swiftly followed by upbeat indie band Marsicans, who are on the brink of releasing their debut album. The quartet from Leeds got the crowd bouncing with the floor as loyal fans sang along to their songs. Familiar tunes were heard, and fan favourite Too Good injected more energy into an already energetic crowd.

Marsicans also debuted the track Juliet off of their unreleased debut album, giving the crowd a glimpse of whats to come (more great music if you ask me). Impressively, the fact that it was Halloween wasn’t ignored by either of the bands, as the band each appeared in their own fancy dress: cowboys, a hawaiian hula girl and a masked man.

Cassia followed their lead with coordinated pirate costumes and their setlist set sail. These pirates weren’t to be feared, however, as they walked onto the stage, grinning ear to ear. The trios trademark reggae groove began and the whole Cathedral started dancing (even if the dancing was a bit scary)! Inflatable palm trees emerged around the crowd, and their chilled vibes convinced everyone that we were in the middle of a heatwave-heavy Summer as opposed to being one day away from November.

They played all of the crowd favourites from their debut album Replica such as Loosen Up, Small Spaces and (of course) Replica. Alongside some old classics that aren’t to be forgotten about anytime soon – Weekender and Moana took the crowd back to the band’s earliest days. The Cathedral was their biggest headline show to date and so to reminisce about their pre-album tunes was a nice touch. The first few bars to 100 Times Over – the trios most popular song – was played out and the crowd become even more excited. Everyone was collectively singing the lyrics freedom it is all around me in this tropical feel groove and there wasn’t a frown in sight.

Cassia returned to the stage after the classic encore exit to the sound of the crowd chanting one more song, and it was one more song we got. For their last song, the trio covered Martin Solveig and Dragonettes tune Hello in their own sun drenched way.

A gig to remember, it’s safe to say that Cassia are the golden treasure in their own pirate journey.

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