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Credit: Gary Mathers
Blossoms Edgerly Park June 22nd 2019
Credit: Gary Mathers

Blossoms are from Stockport; this is a fundamental part of their identity both as a band and personally – they start every show with ‘We are Blossoms from Stockport’. So, their headline show at the local football ground, Edgeley Park was massive for them, a real milestone in their career. The second Tom, Joe, Charlie, Josh and Myles stepped on stage you could tell they were really and truly proud to be playing to a sold-out crowd of 15,000 on their doorstep.

For me it’s hard to articulate how exciting it was to be there. I bought these tickets in October. It really had been the one gig that seemed so long in the future for ages, constantly something I was looking forward to. So, me and a big group of friends travelled to Stockport on Saturday for this monumental day. Kick off was about 5ish with fellow Stockport band Fuzzy Sun, a band very similar to Blossoms, as they have a similar summary indie-pop sound. Being hometown friends, Fuzzy Sun were the first band to sign with Blossoms’ own label Very Clever Records. They sparked off the afternoon by encapsulating the joy of the day, with songs bouncing of the bliss of the sun.

The Blinders and Cabbage followed, although not exactly my cup of tea I was pleasantly surprised by both of them – as the crowd grew bigger throughout the evening, they managed to get everyone dancing even though their style and sound is more edgy and rife than Blossoms. During The Coral’s set, the sun went down as the flares came out. Proper summer classics like In the Morning and Dreaming of You intensified the anticipation for the main event.

Blossoms crowd Edgerly Park June 22nd 2019
Credit: Gary Mathers

Although not strictly part of the line-up, the songs being played in between The Coral and Blossoms were too special not to mention. Not Nineteen Forever, This Charming Man and Bohemian Rhapsody, to name a few, were sung word perfect by everyone, creating a beautiful, united community within the crowd.

About quarter past nine Blossoms came on, and everything was perfect. A gorgeous summers evening, amazing lights and effects, high-quality sound and captivating stage presence from all the boys, especially frontman Tom Ogden. Since this was the first time that I’ve seen them, I was truly in awe – Blossoms, from Stockport in Stockport. A place usually hidden in  Manchester’s shadow finally in the spotlight.

Effortlessly cool on stage they played song after song, from the self-titled first album and second album Cool Like You. Each word sung loudly, boldly and proudly by every person inside that football ground. Despite having been released only days before, new single Your Girlfriend – a complete summer anthem, I must say, captivated the crowd just as magically as any other. It was evident everyone wanted to really take everything in, the poignancy for Blossoms of that performance truly did make it special and unique.

Video: Blossoms – Your Girlfriend

Covers are often hit and miss, but these boys did no wrong that night. Blue Monday, blended amazingly into the end of Between the Eyes and a whole-crowd singsong of You’re Gorgeous and Manchester classic Half the World Away amplified the proud Northern identity. Coming as a surprise to everyone, a new and exclusive go at David Bowie’s Let’s Dance was part of the encore – impressive and impeccable are the only words I have.

Stockport made Blossoms and Blossoms made Stockport. I am proud to have been there to celebrate with them. I know that it will be one of the gigs that always stands out to me, and I’m certain it’s the same for them.

Blossoms Setlist

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  1. At Most a Kiss
  2. I Can’t Stand It
  3. Cool Like You
  4. Honey Sweet
  5. I Just Imagined You
  6. How Long Will This Last?
  7. Love Talk
  8. Your Girlfriend
  9. Blown Rose
  10. Blow
  11. Giving Up the Ghost
  12. Stranger Still
  13. Between the Eyes (Ending with Blue Monday)
  14. Cut Me And I’ll Bleed
  15. Getaway
  16. My Favourite Room
  17. You’re Gorgeous (Babybird cover)
  18. Half the World Away (Oasis cover)
  19. Unfaithful
  20. Let’s Dance (David Bowie cover)
  21. There’s a Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)
  22. Charlemagne


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