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Wings Of Desire (ex-INHEAVEN) Release New Single, ‘Better Late Than Never’

Wings Of Desire band press shot

Yesterday has seen the two-piece Wings Of Desire share their latest single, Better Late Than Never and its accompanying visual. The music video for Better Late Than Never, was captured on 8mm film and is meant to give the viewer a ‘rear window’ insight into the human experience. Watch and listen below!

Wings Of Desire draw inspiration from art and 20th century counter culture, hoping to confront themes of ignorance and identity to make deep-cutting soundscapes that move from the dazed and euphoric to the propelling and emotional.


The duo’s debut EP, End Of An Age, which was released in February, allowed them to hold a mirror up to the intensity of life, questioned and inspected the paths we take and asked questions on conformity and living in the present.

Made up of 2 members of INHEAVEN, Wings Of Desire were born out of a desire to understand the world we’re living in. James and Chloe have spent many a night obsessing over their favourite musical eras and discussing 60’s-counterculture and the human condition. If the duo’s releases are anything to go by, 2021 is destined to be a huge year for the pair.


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