William McCarthy (Augustines) announces ‘Music For The People’ tour

Credit: Ruth Medjber www.ruthlessimagery.com All Rights Strictly Reserved.

Credit: Ruth Medjber

After the recent split of his band Augustines, singer-songwriter William McCarthy, is ready to embark on his second solo tour, titled Music For The People,  in the spring of 2017. Tickets for all shows will be available as of Wednesday January 4th here.

While Augustines played their final run of shows last autumn, McCarthy can’t keep his feet still. Currently based in Berlin, he will tour Germany once again in April doing what he does best – telling stories, singing songs he’s written over the past decade and a half, as well as reading from his journals. Dates for the UK and Ireland will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

McCarthy also invites his fans to support his future projects – a podcast titled “Onward with William McCarthy live from Berlin”, new music and a book – via the crowdfunding website patreon.

It isn’t charity; not a virtual cap being passed around. It is a platform through which you invest little and often in me as an artist and access far more my work than I have shared before – you will get new music, you will get exclusive content and, more than ever, you will get my time.

Anyone who’s ever been to an Augustines show knows how close McCarthy is to the audience. When playing with his band Augustines, he frequently plays a couple of tunes unplugged right at the centre of the audience. All dates can be found below.

William McCarthy – The Trouble With River Cities (Pela Cover)

Tour dates:



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