Love Fame Tragedy press shot by Shervin Lavez
Credit: Shervin Lavez

Murph, lead singer of The Wombats has ventured into a solo career – Love Fame Tragedy has released their first EP, I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I’m Really Good At It. Obviously, since the voice is the same, it definitely rings similar to the classic and instantly memorable sounds of The Wombats; but there’s difference.

The opening track My Cheating Heart is indie at its core, loveable and easily singable. As the cover suggests, it’s a distortion of what you’d expect, those gritty and youthful lyrics are there, but the sounds follow a new vibe, hazier and more chilled. Back-flip has a killer guitar solo, to set the perhaps rockier edge which builds to an anthem-like chorus, accompanied by a clapping-like clashes in the background. Although only a four-track EP, it proves Murph’s talent. It seems unfair to just say he’s the singer from the Wombats because evidently, he’s so much more.

The third track Pills is a highlight and echoes the same clapping sound from the previous but has more of a narrative lyrical style and it features another voice, a poignant and delicate whisper like an angel on your shoulder. The electronic sounds compliment the lyrics magically – sounding similar to Lorde, or Wolf Alice. It ran straight into my playlist, and I imagine it’ll stay there on repeat for a while.

Love Fame Tragedy – Pills

To close the EP, Brand New Brain addresses someone specifically, in a more chilled and sultry way, it follows the theme of more personal and honest lyrics. In light of the first three songs, the last song didn’t quite meet the standard. It seems like Brand New Brain could quickly get overshadowed by the others and their upbeat, indie vibes.

Overall though, I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I’m Really Good At It is impressive – Murph, has taken the best elements of The Wombats but made something new, different and exciting. For an EP, it’s really proven how much potential Love Fame Tragedy has.

Love Fame Tragedy EP artwork

Love Fame Tragedy - I Don’t Want To Play The Victim, But I'm Really Good At It

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