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Whether you’ve been a fan since the days of I Can Talk and Something Good Can Work, or you’ve newly discovered Two Door Cinema Club, their newest album False Alarm won’t disappoint. Northern Irish trio Alex Trimble, Sam Halliday, and Kevin Baird delve into some deeper musical territory with False Alarm, connecting more heavily with the 80s using synth, retro dance beats, and lyrically driven tracks.

False Alarm is crafted with a cinematic air, much like the band’s Sci-Fi parody music video for Satellite, and the release of their album into actual outer space. This album brings vocal clarity, maturity, and confidence, against a backdrop of musical exploration. While not every expedition hits the mark, enough of the adventurous attempts make secure landings.

The band is able to maintain a level of quality that doesn’t suffer even when taking stylistic risks which protects them from being pigeon-holed or compared to other indie pop outfits. They showcase their synth skills in Satisfaction Guaranteed before transporting us to a new evolution of funk and disco with So Many People, reflecting their willingness to push outside of a specific genre categorization. The message is clear, “I’ve been so many people, still I am one, the one you never met” denoting the same idea that as individuals and as a band they are not predictable or easily definable.

Two Door Cinema Club – Satellite

Think is attention-grabbing with precision blending, poignant lyrics, and Trimble’s falsetto rich with digital decoration. Here, midway through the album, we get a peek inside the artistic struggle: fighting to be a game changer, to be genuine, to produce a unique sound, and to discover a place within or rather a space outside the current musical landscape.

The track fades out mid-thought denoting the ongoing nature of that struggle. There is little time for philosophical mental meandering as they draw us in with gritty, sexy Dirty Air; infused with Bowie-esque vocals. The final songs, Satellite and Already Gone provide a sort of hopeful response to the musings from earlier in the album.

While this album takes listeners in a few directions, it has a thematic quality tying it all together. Whether a music aficionado or casual listener, False Alarm has something fresh to offer.

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Two Door Cinema Club - False Alarm

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