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Two Door Cinema Club have been teasing their fourth album for several weeks on their social media accounts. Now, the trio have taken things a step further with mysterious billboards that have appeared in several UK and European cities depicting the band riding a fire extinguisher.

The biggest seems to be located in London, near Shoreditch High Street, where passersby can press a red button that releases smoke from the fire extinguisher

How to find the Two Door Cinema Club billboards

The band have posted a link leading to an online map of all billboard locations. You will need to visit the website on your phone to be taken to the actual map and allow it to access GPS on your device. If you’re near one of the billboards, you will be able to take a selfie and sign up for a competition for a chance of a personalised video message from the band as well as “a whole load of signed merch”.

What if there is no billboard near you?

If there is no billboard near you, there is still a way to sign up for the competition. On mobile, simply search for a fake GPS App in your app store to emulate your location. These kind of Apps allow you to select a desired location on a map regardless of your actual location. Then, simply open the website to be taken to the competition form.

two door cinema club berlin billboard
Two Door Cinema Club billboard in Berlin (Credit: PIAS Germany)

On desktop, you can even achieve this without additional software. Here’s a method of accessing the billboard competition using Google Chrome.

  1. Go to
  2. Open the menu by selecting the three dots at the top right corner of your browser > select Tools > Developer Tools
  3. Refresh the page to be taken to the mobile version
  4. To emulate a custom GPS location select the three dots within Developer Tools > More Tools > Sensors
  5. Select custom location
  6. Enter 51.523117 (Longitude) and -0.077944 (Latitude) for the London billboard and you’re done

Two Door Cinema Club – Album #4 teaser

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