The Ninth Wave release new single, ‘I’m Only Going To Hurt You’

Taken from the forthcoming Happy Days! EP

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Glaswegian gothic post-punk, electronic-pop band The Ninth Wave have recently shared their latest single, I’m Only Going To Hurt You, the second offering from their upcoming EP Happy Days! which is set to be released July 31st. Listen below.

With the release, The Ninth Wave offer a brave and bold new-pop statement, I’m Only Going To Hurt You, sees lead vocalist Haydn Park-Patterson’s showmanship shine through. The neon synths and driving drum beat prove that they are a band with not only heaps of confidence, but an amazing playfulness to match it.

Speaking about the track, Haydn states that the track has “existed in so many forms that it is hard to recognise the original demo and the final recording as the same song”, it started out as one of Haydn’s poems ‘My Severed Heart’, and has been “dragged through different arrangements, keys and styles until it was almost scrapped.”

He continues that I’m Only Going To Hurt You is written about the “internal conflict faced after realising the difficulties of a relationship that seemed to be damaged before it was allowed to flourish.”

The Happy Days! EP sees The Ninth Wave push their sound into new directions informed by a love for all from The Twilight Sad and FKA Twigs.

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katie macbeth

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