The Ninth Wave drop new single, ‘Everything Will Be Fine’

Taken from the forthcoming Happy Days! EP

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Today sees Glaswegian band, The Ninth Wave, release their new single Everything Will Be Fine. The track is the band’s first release since their EP, Happy Days!, and their Scottish Album of the Year nominated debut album, Infancy. Listen below.

Everything Will Be Fine, is a mantra to scream and shout from the rooftops following from the confusing and unsettling year we have all faced. The track is the product of the last 6 months, which have seen the band spend time together in Glasgow.

The release of Everything Will Be Fine is accompanied by a 10 minute long, ‘driving’ version of the track, intended to be “listened to when you’re driving, alone, imagining yourself in a sad, sweet scene in a movie where you’re the heartbroken but hopeful main character, finding yourself.

Speaking about the track, lead singer Haydn Park-Patterson explains:

It’s a song about twisted optimism, self-reassurance and hope. The overall message of the song seems fitting for the world that we’ve found ourselves in now. Like many of our songs, it has existed in various different incarnations.’ ‘I wrote the first version of it in the summer of last year and it was originally intended to be a song for someone else’s comfort and reassurance.’ He continues, ‘It was shelved until earlier this year. It became the optimistic song that it is now after it was brought in, stripped down and rebuilt by us in the studio. It’s the happiest sounding song we’ve recorded.

With limited resources throughout isolation and continuing self-production, Everything Will Be Fine is the first glimpse of the band’s second album, set to be released in 2021.

The Ninth Wave’s new material is set to be more honest and upfront than their previous releases, the band wish for their fans to find comfort and safety within their music. They want their fans to feel safe; to be confident in who they are, and to know they’re not alone with their feelings and anxieties.

Pending government regulations, the band will head on a UK tour in March 2021. All dates and tickets are available here.

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