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The Night Cafe 0151 press shot 2019 by Charlotte Patmore
Credit: Charlotte Patmore

The Night Cafe are set to release their highly anticipated debut album 0151 Friday, August 23 via AWAL Recordings. They offer a reliable sound through 0151, great music for the long daydream, made for pondering life while you take a sip of the last coffee of the day as the streetlights take over the dusk. The sound lingers and sticks with you like the heat of the summer when the sun goes down.

The songs on 0151 slip so casually through your ears they make the lyrical themes of heartbreak, codependency, pain, and romantic weariness seem like an everyday thing. The guitar mimics distance so well it is as if the sounds are coming together from across town.

The Night Café – Mixed Signals

The track, Mixed Signals, is a prime example of a slightly upbeat, nonchalant chant about the gut-wrenching loneliness after a fresh breakup. Addicted mixes the cute and sweet with the borderline obsessive pull we feel when we are in the middle of love (or lust). Endless Lovers highlights the accusatory and possessive aspects of toxic love.

There are quiet calls for help on 0151, true moments of desperation and anxiety. The Night Cafe have found the troublesome razor-sharp edges of falling for someone that often get lost in the bigger picture of romance. They’ve dispersed them beautifully throughout this album under light guitars and dreamy drum beats. 0151 softens the fall of love and the hit of heartbreak.

The Night Cafe 0151 album artwork

The Night Café - 0151

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