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The Japanese House debut album credit Jim Mangan
Credit: Jim Mangan

Good At Falling by The Japanese House’s debut (23-year-old Amber Bain) arrives after four EPs dating back to 2015. Her eclectic and unique talent is highlighted throughout this album, as she branches from the same label as The 1975 and Wolf Alice (Dirty Hit).

Good at Falling is an immersive collection of soothing synthesized tracks perfect for waking up in the morning or helping to drift off to a blissful sleep. Complimented by idyllic and peaceful background beats her somewhat incomparable voice in harmonic echo soothes and relaxes immediately.

Some of the more up-beat songs, Maybe You’re the Reason and You Seemed So Happy aren’t exactly perfect for a night-out and do perhaps desire specific situations to be listened in, they do make great easy-listening tracks. I can’t exactly see myself consistently reaching for them at first choice, but I could definitely see them becoming a staple in my shuffle.

The Japanese House – Maybe You’re The Reason

Mirroring the complexities of the 1975 or even the Arctic Monkeys, the lyrics definitely uphold a sublime intelligence enhancing the experimental nature of this album, but not so blatantly that it can stop them becoming familiar or catchy.

In a live environment, since The Japanese House are on the bill for this years Reading & Leeds Festivals, I imagine they’d perform well, the addition of light would really indulge this album. Each song gives off a sense of naturalism and content, they have an overriding calming effect and could compliment any mood. Subtle folk references are made through blends of chimes and strums to elevate the serene and subdued sounds to almost a futuristic level.

This album is a distinct deviation to typical indie pop, and although doesn’t whole heartedly grab attention, it’s a good one for when you’re in the mood for something different, something relaxing and something immersive.

the japanese house good at falling album

The Japanese House - Good At Falling

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