The 1975 reveal new single ‘Frail State Of Mind’

New album Notes On A Conditional Form out February 21st


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The 1975 People Press Shot Credit Mara Palena

Credit: Mara Palena

The 1975 have recently dropped their new single Frail State Of Mind, the third offering from their 4th album, Notes On A Conditional Form. The band has already dropped two tracks from the album, The 1975, featuring a speech from climate activist Greta Thunberg, and People. Listen to Frail State Of Mind below.

Frail State Of Mind is a departure from People, an angry, punk inspired track which offered a rowdy approach to climate activism. Frail State Of Mind is a garage based track, written about global social anxiety.

The 1975 are notorious for covering complex topics that many other bands shy away from, Frail State Of Mind holds true to that. Within the track, the band capture exactly how it feels to be suffering with social anxiety in the lead up to a major event.

Frail State Of Mind borrows parts of A Brief Inquiry To Online Relationships, the band’s previous album, specifically the track TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME and the instrumental side of How To Draw / Petrichor. Yet despite those similarities, Frail State Of Mind provides a much different sentiment which many fans will be able to relate to. TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME is an upbeat, dance track which sees the band discuss relationships, whereas Frail State Of Mind is an intimate, apologetic number which will resonate with fans.

Overall, Frail State Of Mind is very true to The 1975, the band have once again been able to effectively breakdown a difficult topic and provide commentary on it. As each track differs from the last, the band leaves fans begging for more.

The four piece will be heading on a massive UK headline tour in February in support of the new album before heading to Europe. The UK tour includes a date o2 Arena in London (tickets here) and is close to selling out. Support acts have yet to be confirmed.

Listen: The 1975 – Frail State Of Mind

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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre