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Londoners Ten Fé today reveal a stripped back cover of Nothing Breaks Like A Heart by Mark Ronson (feat. Miley Cyrus). Reinterpreted as a haunting folk lullaby, the track is performed by the band’s Leo Duncan (first from the left). The accompanying video was directed by Niall Trask. Watch and listen below.

The cover follows on from the band’s sophomore album Future Perfect, Present Tense, released in April last year, as well as their most recent single Candidate.

Leo comments on the cover:

I’ve always thought the song was really beautiful, and heard the intimacy and vulnerability in it, so we wanted to try and bring that out in our version, through the ghostly vocal arrangements and sparse instrumentation; we were trying to make it sound as if we recorded it in the middle of the desert. It’s such a good song, rearranging felt really natural.

On the video, he added:

we wanted it it be evocative of the Wild West, as the music paints that picture; but also make it very English and pastoral – particularly, Cromwellian, when England seemed wild and lawless. I did a rough storyboard, and Niall Trask was the perfect person to direct it as he’s really into that period of history, and we’ve often talked together about films set then such as Witchfinder General, A Field In England, etc. I really like the idea of delivering your heart to someone; I think everyone does this, symbolically, all the time – so it was wicked to try and show that literally in the video. I’m really happy how it came out!

Fronted by Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan (songwriters and lead vocals), the band is completed by Rob Shipley (bass, vocals), Johnny Drain (keys, vocals) and Greg Katsantonis (drums).

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