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Tash Sultan drops new single ‘Greed’

Tash Sultana returns with new single Pretty Lady
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The second single off her upcoming (and much-anticipated) Sophomore album, Tash Sultana’s newest release, Greed, reflects on the nature of the music industry, and the expectations that she has unconsciously built around herself as she developed a reputation not only as an award-winning and innovative musician, taking her sound and combination of styles to heights never seen before, but also as one of the greatest multi-instrumentalists in music history.

This speaks to the listener with the recurring punchline ‘They only give a shit when you make it big’, referring to the fact that she’s always made the music she’s making, and some of her more recent work have been songs she’s been since she was a teen (ie, her last single, Pretty Lady, released in early April), but it wasn’t until she got a major label deal and started selling out venues before anyone really, in her words, gave a shit.


This song is about how people change around you when you achieve some sort of success. People you’ve never had anything to do with try and climb into your life somehow, people you’ve known for ages suddenly go silent. People who never paid you for a gig suddenly want to book you. That person from high school that gave you shit for playing the guitar suddenly wants on the guest list. It’s a funny little thing all of this and what it does to people.

The song itself, is wittily constructed around the lyrics, but with her signature style of neo-funk/roots/soul/reggae, and is available as of now.

Tickets for Tash’s dates at the Royal Albert Hall this September are available here.


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