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Written, produced and composed with Dann Hume (Formerly of Evermore), and the legendary Matt Corby, Pretty Lady, Tash Sultana’s first release since 2019’s Daydreaming (with Milky Chance) and Talk It Out (with Matt), Tash seems to be following the tried tactic of collaborating with big names, and it’s working.

Back on the horse of her signature storytelling and unmistakeable vocal style, Tash brings us a new song, in the form of an old friend. Pretty Lady, although a previously unreleased track, had been in her setlist since her early busking circuit days, as a semi-finished project that she could never figure out how to finish.


I put it in a box at the back of my mind, and revisited it in November

Tash brought Dann and Matt to her home studio, making it the first track she’s collaborated with anyone else instrumentally, rather than vocally. Dann and Matt brought the perfect amount of everything to the track, giving a chilled out, subtility to a Tash song that we haven’t previously been granted, bringing a new edge to her sound, while not changing or altering what fans are used to and love, but at the same time, doesn’t limit herself to the exact same routine within her very individual sound (which would be a very easy hole to fall into, with the amount of looping and reputation involved in her music)

I was lucky enough to see Tash Sultana live this year, and was astounded by the level of which her stage presence, as a sole performer for an hour and a half set, she manages to achieve, manipulate, and own, with her captivating execution. Tickets for her upcoming dates at the Royal Albert Hall this September are available here.

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