Sam Fender records Vevo LIFT live sessions + announces new tour dates

Second date at the Alexandra Palace added


Sam Fender UK tour 2020

Sam Fender is an artist who continues to prove that the world is his oyster. His critically acclaimed debut album Hypersonic Missiles has already shot straight to number one. If this isn’t enough, Fender’s latest release has also become the largest first week of vinyl album sales by a new artist in the UK since The Official Charts began. This constantly in-demand rising star never seems to stop, as he has also found the time to record two exceptional live sessions for Vevo after becoming their latest LIFT artist.

Sam Fender’s live version of The Borders for Vevo LIFT features him alongside his band, in front of his cartoon backdrop which has become a hallmark for his projects. The camera angles before Fender has even sung a note, centre on the different instruments coming together- particularly his experimentation with instruments such as the saxophone. Furthermore, this video encapsulates how fluid they are on stage as a live show from them is a real performance. They move to the beat of their music, especially Fender who has a natural talent for making use of the stage to his advantage. The headshots of Fender portray his emotions beautifully while making an interesting contrast to the shots of the whole band. It’s electrifying to visually see his track come together.

Sam Fender – The Borders (Live)

Fender’s live version of Will We Talk for Vevo LIFT, a slower track than the former, features him once again in front of his cartoon backdrop- but also without any accompaniment. The camera is steadily fixed on keeping him central and maintaining his figure in our line of version. If his honey-like vocals don’t draw you in, then the eye contact kept almost throughout the video definitely will. The heartfelt track about our perceptions of modern love and one night stands is given the rawest and purest edge. Fender has made clear several times over that he doesn’t need gimmicks to draw you in, his talent alone will always do him justice.

Sam Fender – Will We Talk (Live)

Sam Fender 2020 spring tour dates and tickets

To celebrate his supernova ascension into the music industry, Fender is proud to announce a massive Spring 2020 UK headline tour. Spread across nine dates, it contains his largest headline shows to date. It even features a stint in London’s famed Alexandra Palace, affectionately referred to as ‘Ally Pally’, and the finale of the tour will be on the 3rd of April at the Newcastle Arena. Manchester, Glasgow, Leicester, Newcastle and London have sold out instantly but a second night at the Alexandra Palace has been added. Tickets are available here

Sam Fender is set on successfully building on the foundations of his ever-growing music career. From the wide critical acclaim he has received for his debut album, it only seems natural he would pack in another tour with three arena dates. Especially due to his November/ December 2019 tour kicking off soon being completely sold out, acting as an additional confidence boost it’d be wrong not to. Be sure to join him in commemorating his musical triumph by purchasing your tickets from the 27th of September here. If previous shows are anything to judge not only will these new dates sell out quickly, but they’ll be completely unforgettable.

Tour dates:

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