Sam Fender shares final track ‘The Borders’ ahead of the debut album release

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With the release through Polydor Records of his debut album Hypersonic Missiles on the 13th of September drawing ever closer, it is with great pleasure that we can confirm that Sam Fender’s final track before the album’s release, The Borders, is available for streaming now. Listen below.

Sam Fender continues to be an enigma in the music industry. Not only can he tackle the perhaps more highbrow topics such as politics with such gritty finesse, but as The Borders clearly shows, he can shamelessly reflect on his own life socially as well. He can do what other artists can only dream of- not only create the art he chooses but make it a chart-topping hit.

The meaning behind ‘The Borders’

It seems wrong to use the phrase ‘best ‘till last’ almost fleetingly about this release. However, being Fender’s self-proclaimed favourite it puts his heart and past on the line. It contains a traumatic element of two boys torn apart as life caused them to grow up. The falsely upbeat intro and brass instruments culminating together with cutting lyrics delve into issues such as drugs, abuse and abandonment- while keeping the theme of friends and family central. Fender writes cleverly while keeping the memories ambiguous, but enough to gain a decent inkling of the events described. It’s no less powerful than the rest, carries as much weight as a ton of bricks, and is guaranteed to hit you where it hurts. It shows further experimentation and progression, and he shows no sign of slowing down.

It is particularly worth keeping in mind when listening to The Borders, that it was written, recorded and produced at a warehouse studio Fender built in North Shields. This in combination with long-time friend and producer Bramwell Bronte having a large part in the recording process makes it obvious why it’s so personal. He has kept to his roots.

Be sure to stream The Borders to feel the song for yourself. Furthermore, try to score a ticket at a date on his mostly sold-out tour. If you find yourself without one and want to own a part of the current history Fender is creating, then make sure to pre-order the album and head to his online store for some iconic merch and album bundles. You don’t want to miss this.

Video: Sam Fender – The Borders

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Camilla Whitfield

Camilla Whitfield is a freelance music journalist for Indie Is Not A Genre.

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