Recommended: Ásgeir

ásgeirEvery now and then I came across an artist I just have to recommended to each and everyone I met no matter if it fits their usual taste in music at all. Consequently I recommend to you today Ásgeir, one of Iceland’s latest and probably most popular artists, who re-released his debut Dýrð í dauðaþögn (In The Silence)  in English on 27 January 2014 via One Little Indian.

So, In The Silence (Dýrð í dauðaþögn) is not a new release, it’s a translated version of his best selling Icelandic debut album. All arrangements are the same, the tone of the voice, the intros, even the track listing; only the artwork is different. Personally I think the new cover fits Ásgeir better.

Ásgeir is from Laugarbakki, a tiny village in the Northwest of Iceland. He was born 1992 and is the son of Icelandic poet Einar Georg Einarsson, who wrote most of Ásgeir’s lyrics. The songs on the debut album were translated into English by American singer-songwriter John Grant. This year Ásgeir was awarded the European Border Breakers Award for Iceland.

Ásgeir has a magnificent fragile voice. I try to avoid clichés but he invokes the image of an Icelandic elf. Listening to his music I feel fulfilled and peaceful. While I understand his English translated songs I perceive his originals as a bit more mystic because of my lack of knowledge his native tongue.

No matter which language you prefer I highly recommended Ásgeir to you if you like the Icelandic music scene in general, you have a taste for slow but powerful folk and singer-songwriters, you want to have a soundtrack  to daydream to.

I own both LP’s and don’t want to miss either, as I can’t decide which one I prefer. I leave that decision up to you. Listen to Nýfallið Regn respectively Torrent below.

Icelantic original:

English version:


Ásgeir is  currently on tour to promote his album.