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UK alt-rock band Signature Gold recently dropped their new track, Antibodies, along with a fast, anxiety-inducing music video on VEVO. Born out of Brighton, Signature Gold is relatively new, established in 2021. While they may be fresh, they certainly carry a sound reminiscent of early 2000s emo, complete with a My Chemical Romance vibe sparsely lined with a couple of In Flames-like screamo moments.

Antibodies highlights this emo lean-in by opening with riffs arranged like an elevated heartbeat, followed by lyrics sung to match every single thump. Composed of Milo Hill (guitar and vocals), Nathan Haynes (bass), and Jordan Hambling (drums), Signature Gold upholds the traditional garage band energy while displaying a sort of romantic intelligence in Antibodies’ lyrics. Hill states:

After being witness to several friend’s relationships falling apart in such a quick succession, I began to question my own perception of what it means to truly love somebody for the first time and the result was leaving with a resolution to myself of sorts: In order to love somebody you have to want to overcome any struggle either of you may face. It’s not fair to hold them in contempt for not living up to an over- romanticised version of them you have chosen to accept over reality.

This lovesick tension is no stranger to emotional alt-rock, Antibodies’ could easily stand adjacent to Paramore’s Misery Business. Signature Gold has offered us a therapeutic post-breakup pop punk in Antibodies, and possibly a manifesto for healthier relationships.

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Kendra Brea Cooper

kendra brea cooper

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