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New Indie Bands

Check out our recurring collection of hot new indie bands & artists for your playlist. Want to be featured in this list? Send us your music via Submithub.

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JUNKHEART – Year of the Snake

JUNKHEART is a singer, songwriter and producer who blends elements of 80s alt-pop, Trap beats and the sulkiest R&B in his songs. Brought up on emulated SNES games, Tears for Fears vinyl and an unhealthy obsession with The OC; his first songs focus heavily on those formative years, in an attempt to make sense of growing up. He mixes modern production, retro-guitars, vintage synths, and rich layered vocals to create a dreamy portal into his world; blending elements of 80s alt-pop, Trap beats and the sulkiest R&B. On his new single, Year of the Snake, he comments:

Year of the Snake is a love letter to the incredible women in my life but also a recognition of how terrible men can be, myself included. It’s not an apology, but a rumination on the pitfalls masculinity… Damn that’s deep.

Crawford Mack – Kicks

Crawford Mack is a London-based jazz trained singer, guitarist and lyricist originally from Glasgow. His new single Kicks was written with the express purpose of having some fun, sparked by a moment in time. To celebrate the release, Crawford plays a headline London show at The Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston on Thursday, 15th July 2021 with support from Abi Farrell. Tickets are available from Dice. Mack comments Kicks:

I was out for a walk in Victoria Park and got caught by a wave of optimism from seeing a group of people hanging out with a speaker blaring Franz Ferdinand. I was actually taking a break from writing a slightly darker song, came back and changed the whole thing!

Crystal Cities – Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight

Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight is the title track and seventh single to be released from Sydney-based Indie Dream Rock band Crystal Cities upcoming sophomore album. The song’s energy and exuberance is infectious. Rana’s guitar playing soars and (like with many Crystal Cities tracks) takes centre stage along with his subtle-yet-hooky vocal melodies.

‘Hold Me Close Hold Me Tight’ is about the love and truth that exists within all of us. It’s about trying to latch on to those healing frequencies when you find yourself in an emotional attachment that is unserving.

Ormiston – Time Fades

Hammer Down is the first album from Canadian musician Ormiston. Consisting of eight songs, including the already released singles Step From The Limelight and Rebel, each track possesses a distinct concept reminiscent of the cinematic genre “coming-of-age”. Through this theme, one that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from childhood to adulthood, Ormiston explores love stories and failed relationships in his distinctive upbeat indie-pop fashion.

On the new record is the unmissable focus track Time Fades. This singularly shining gem depicts an urgency for living; a burning desire to escape and explore. Led by a charging electronic beat and Ormiston’s roaring vocals, ‘Time Fades’ stands out as a huge anthem on an already impressive debut album.

Florence Rose – Good For Me

Florence Rose is the solo project of Braden Norris from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Norris began writing music under the name Florence Rose nearly 2 years ago. Since then, the project has received nearly a million Spotify streams and has gained the attention of many. He has been compared to artists such as Dayglow and Wallows. His latest single Good For Me is the single off upcoming sophomore EP which was co-produced by Braden Norris and Colton Jean at Jean Pump Recording in Tulsa, OK. Check it out below.

Craig Irving – 2AM

2AMe is the latest single by Glasgow artist Craig Irving. His previous singles have seen the support of BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and placement on Spotify Official’s “Scotify” playlist for the best new music from Scotland. Recalling the indie-pop sound of Irving’s contemporary influences such as The 1975 and LANY but with a rocky edge, 2AM is an upbeat indie rock/pop song. Craig Irving’s first release of 2021 sees him continue on from his string of singles during 2021 with a strong, upbeat and emotional indie song with a rock tinge.

Bad Actor – Paradise

Bad Actor is a singer, songwriter and producer whose emotive mix of pop, and raw band elements come together in his heart on sleeve style. At a young age, he was disposed to different musical styles due to his upbringing in Brazil, India, the UK and Germany. New single Paradise is a dreamy throwback to the feeling of first love and bittersweet endings encapsulated by Bad Actor’s captivating take on indie-pop. Yet again Bad Actor’s Markus Sasse showcases his skill as an exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer with his ability to formulate powerful vocal hooks that remain stamped in your consciousness. 

Alex Partridge – There’s No Way

Alex Partridge is a Sydney based Singer-Songwriter. Growing up in a family of musicians, Alex has found music to be a passion that never dies. Finding inspiration from the likes of Holy Holy, The War on Drugs, Spacey Jane and the 1975, Alex looks to keep kicking goals in the industry by playing more shows, releasing more music and gaining a wider following. On his latest single There’s No Way he comments:

This song tells the story of a boy sitting at the train station after school wishing the girl he liked would pay attention to him – he can’t get his mind off her and fantasises about what it would feel like for her to sit next to him. It is the perfect song to sing along to when you are driving down the freeway with the windows down or even for when you’re having a barbecue on the beach! 

No Suits in Miami – Buffy

No Suits in Miami is a indie pop band from southern Sweden. In 2019 they released their debut album I Hope That No One Sees Me which was received well amongst reviewers and grandparents. Buffy is the band’s second self released single. The band comment on the track:

Buffy is a song written on a cold november evening and was never meant to feel so summerlike. But the energy made us put on a thick layer of sunscreen rather than a warm winter coat. Even though it is named after the famous vampire slayer it has nothing to do with her, however we do think the song would go great with vampire hunting. This song will be on our upcoming album released later this year. 

Logan Prescott – tongue

LA-based Indie Pop artist Logan Prescott has you on his tongue. Late night phone calls and moody bass lines keep his listeners talking – so much that Prescott continues to draw followers with his vibrant melodies. Having written music for the likes of Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records (Carly Rae Jepsen, Mathew V) and Splice Sounds, Prescott returns with 80’s vibes in the vein of artists like LANY or The 1975. Tongue is his latest single available to listen below.

Nathaniel Paul – Guns or Crosses

Nathaniel Paul is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter based in New York City, where he has been making music since 2015. His primary focus growing up was classical and acoustic guitar. His debut album Virtues will be released on May21 via AWAL. He is also 1/2 of the band The Bergamot. On the meaning behind his new solo single Silence he comments:

What if we can’t pay the rent? F*ck it. Times are hard for musicians – this dystopian video showcases the chaos that musicians are living through.

New Wolves – Draw another circle

Draw another circle describes is the second single by Welsh band New Wolves. Draw another circle describes a melodic and melancholy walk around familiar roads and paths that lead into one another. A circuitous route through small town love. The band comment on the track:

Written in the Autumn of 2020 when the world had shrunk down to a few alleyways and empty streets around my part of the city, I felt both comforted and lost. Draw another circle came out of this time and place.

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