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London band Moses impress with their new track Who Needs the MoneyWho knew that four London lads would be able to stir up such a God-like sound as Moses do with their latest single Who Needs the Money. The quartet admit that they have ‘nothing in common with the saviour prophet’, but I’d beg to differ as Moses are striking up quite a following.

Who Needs the Money has given the band a brand new rawness, as the track begins with religious riffs and a calm drum beat kept under complete control until the instrumental break, which hears elements of edgy rock. At the instrumental, the song completely breaks free of the greater power in charge, mirroring the bands frustrations as they turn to rage.

There’s a heavenly balance between control and craze, as Moses explore the difficulties of love and relationships – ‘who needs the money when we’ve got love’. Lead singer Victor Moses displays some of the best vocals we’ve heard from him yet, and fellow band members Matthew Mcrilly, Rory White and James Creighton all ensure that this is a slick, tidy tune. The decorated bass line dances alongside the stadium sized riffs ensuring that this is a track that crowds will worship in the future.

Moses impress with their new track Who Needs the Money, and prove that you don’t need money to become godly.

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