MOSES – Almost Everything is Bullshit


London band Moses impress with their new track Who Needs the MoneyLondon-based group MOSES are ready to drop their aptly named debut album Almost Everything is Bullshit this Friday, April 17th via AntiFragile Music. It is a ten track trip through reconnecting with what is real. The opening track, Cause You Got Me, is so confident it gives the impression that this may be the heroic album we need right now.

The band comment on the album:

We dedicate this album to all the people out there fighting every day to keep the “ALMOST” alive!

Track three, River Thames, is like a sea chant for pirates of the 21st century. It’s bold, and it is ready to usher in a brand new sense of camaraderie. The album’s first single, Waiter, is gentle but unforgettable. Track nine, Findings, asks us to consider what we need most from each other; love. Almost Everything is Bullshit is the little bit of light and lift we could all use right now.

Moses Almost Everything Is Bullshit album artwork


Lasting Appeal


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Indie is not a genre

Indie is not a genre