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UK rock darlings Foals are dropping their 7th studio album, Life is Yours, via ADA/Warner UK Ltd on Friday, June 17th. This album sounds like an escape from the confines of genre and the world as we’ve known it over the past two years. Some might say they went “pop,” but that is far too simple. There’s disco, rich, and ready to initiate any inner release you need. There’s funk, never mellow, and always aiming for your pulse. And, of course, rock, but the stirring kind that kicks you out of the house for the night (or two).

The title track, Life is Yours, makes it obvious what this album is for, not your head as much as your body, your limbs, and every impulse a hot late-night turns on. 2 AM is all synth and sticky sweat. Flutter is less intense but could act as a wind-down song for some end-of-night bong hits. Whether or not these songs are memorable depends on what kind of memories you make with them. All this album is asking is that you make them right now. 

Even if you just read the titles of the songs on this album, you know there’s a theme here. It greets you with open arms after a long, dark winter. It builds a bright narrative and feels like a perfect suntan without the burn. Life is Yours contains the summer dance floor fantasy we’ve collectively created through these difficult months.

Life Is Yours is out on July 17th on all streaming platforms and limited edition vinyl*.


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