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We Are Parkas rate their parka coats and jackets from best to worst

Bristol garage rockers We Are Parkers rate their top 5 parka jackets

We Are Parkers are a garage rock quartet hailing from Bristol, who are old enough to remember the 90’s and smart enough to know they’re never coming back. The band have just released their latest single Friday Night, recorded at Sugar House Studios in St Helens, where established artists such as MINT, Corella, Glass Caves, Larkins and Viola Beach have also recorded and produced.

Formed in 2017, We Are Parkas have several EPs and singles under their belts and have since toured with False Heads, Larkins, and The Snuts, with singer and frontman Matt Banks opening for Carl Barat and The Jackals in Bristol too.


So what is it about parkers? We’ve asked Matt from the band to tell us a little more about their band name and to rate their top 5 parkas.

Hello there!

My name is Matt Banks and I’m the singer in We Are Parkas, and I have been asked by Indie Is Not A Genre to rate my top 5 parka jackets from 1 to 5. As our band name suggests, I’m a big fan of mod culture and have been since I was 15 and I first started listening to bands like The Who, The Kinks and The Jam. To me the distinctive, almost immaculate look that these bands had combined with the commanding, distorted riffs and unforgettable songs they wrote was and still is, absolutely captivating.

Mod to me is about pride, passion and looking unmistakably cool, and I believe that the parka jacket is one of the most distinctive things you can wear to show your appreciation for the culture.

So without further ado let’s get into my top 5!

1. Pretty Green X Umbro Zip Up Hooded Parka (Pretty Green)

pretty green x umbro parka

At number 1, we have this little beauty that came out of the Pretty Green / Umbro collaboration which was launched in November last year. As a big Oasis fan, what makes this parka so great for me is the logo on the chest which is a clear reference to the iconic outfit Liam Gallagher wore on the second night they played Maine Road in April 1996. I also like my parkas to be quite heavy duty and the material on this one is “cut from durable cotton twill”, so no chance you’ll be getting cold in this bad boy!

If you get the chance to check out the rest of the Pretty Green x Umbro collection, I would definitely recommend it as there’s a lot of other items in there that all have the same iconic 90’s vibe this parka has.

2. Fishtail Parka (Fred Perry)

fred perry fishtail parka

At number 2, we have a Fred Perry Fishtail Parka which I just love the colour and simplicity of. Not quite as heavy duty as some of the other parkas on this list as it’s “constructed from a lightweight, durable cotton/nylon-blend”, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes having a more lightweight jacket is better.

But what really draws me to this one is the design. Not too flashy, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s understated and yet very distinctive, which I think goes a long way when one’s looking to stand out from the crowd.

3. Retro Mod Microfleece Lined Parka(Lyle & Scott)

retro mod parka

At number 3, we have an offering from Lyle & Scott which I view as the most practical parka on this list. Perfect for football terraces, this parka is “padded for extra warmth” and benefits from “a stylish retro faux fur trim to the classic parka hood and a winter warming microfleece lining”.

I must say I’m a bit of a sucker for the khaki green as is most likely evident from my other choices on this list! However, this one is also available in a very nice red so if you want to turn a few more heads on the street, then it’s good to know the option is there.

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4. Honeycomb Bonded Parka (Lambretta)

honeycomb bonded parka

What list would be complete without featuring an offering from Lambretta? I have a special affection for this brand as my first ever parka, which was bought for me as a 16th birthday present, was from a Lambretta shop on Carnaby Street in London. I still wear it to this day, although it is most definitely in need of a few repairs!

At number 4, we have this lovely lightweight jacket that comes in a dark khaki with all the classic trimmings and badges on the sleeves and chest.

5. Lomas Oversized Cotton Hooded Parka (Pretty Green)

lomas oversized parka

At number 5, is a classic look from Pretty Green, complete with a badge on the sleeve and a fishtail hem. On the zip, the words “We Are Pretty Green” are stitched, which is a nice touch and adds to the sense of pride one should feel when wearing this type of jacket.

I also like the paisley lining in the hood, which if you look through the rest of their website, you will soon see is a very distinctive and common addition to any Pretty Green attire.

Overall, this is a solid jacket that covers all the essential features for me.

We Are Parkas’ new single Friday Night is available digitally as of now.


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