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Larkins get ready for the arenas with their new EP Hit And Run

Following on from the successes of their latest releases, Larkins have dropped their second EP just in time for their UK tour this April. The EP Hit and Run is made up of four pre-released songs all brought together in the same space, and is made of arena sized synths supporting mighty vocals. This combination of classic alt-pop combined with experimental tech gives birth to an exciting new band who are ready to take over 2020.

The first track on the EP is the title track Hit and Run, the quartets first ever release back in 2015. It serves as a reminder to loyal fans about Larkins’ journey, or to new fans about their evolution as their sound has grown bigger and bolder. This tune is the perfect embodiment of what Larkins stand for, as they intertwine the contemporary with the classic. Flood is the next track on there and released back in December, it is the newest song to have graced our ears.

Flood has a vulnerability to its verses, and is able to provide positivity and a feeling of unity to the listener as the focus on the present day is heightened with lyrics such as ‘we are the youth of the modern age’. Once the chorus kicks in, more instruments join in, and the song gets into full swing producing a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere.

Make You Better and Pieces are the two remaining songs on the EP. Make You Better is heavily vocal orientated, and further exposes the vulnerability felt in Flood. It acts as a love song to the past, and portrays a stripped back version of the band. Pieces picks up the pace again, and high levels of energy dance their way out of this track. Synths and bass guitars are prominent on the frontline, with anthemic drum beats and acoustic guitars assisting.

Larkins’ latest EP confirms their position as a band to keep an eye out for, as their innovative songwriting skills are just what the music industry needs. Take Hit and Run as Larkins’ promise to have a lasting impression.

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