Travis Announce New Album Alongside New Video For Single A Ghost

New album out October 9th

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Travis have put us all to shame with their lockdown project. The band’s own front-man Fran Healy and his son Clay have used this time to draw and direct the video for the bands latest single A Ghost. The new track arrives alongside the announcement of their ninth studio album 10 Songs, out on October 9th.

Speaking about the production of the video Healy said

The video for ‘A Ghost’ started out as a mocked up picture of me and 3 ghosts playing the last chorus of the song in a deserted alleyway. It looked cool so I took that image and back engineered a story out of it. Just when everything was ready to shoot, the world went into lockdown, so we had this great song with no way to make a video. Frustrated and in an act of desperation, I decided to draw it. Before I was a singer in Travis I was a student at Glasgow School of Art so I am a good draughtsman, but I’d never done animation.

The band also managed to find a way to shorten Healy’s drawing time and also beat Covid-19 to film the live-action finale of the video.

One day, I was watching a sequence back and when it got to the end of what I had drawn, it flashed and went into live action. It looked great. This was the moment I realised I could shoot the mock up picture of me playing with my band of ghosts in the alley way. This helped in 3 ways. 1. Filming the last 47 seconds would save me 10 days of drawing. 2. I could recruit my 14 year old son, Clay as the cameraman. He has a drone camera so could shoot it remotely and could use it as part of his school video project 3. Most importantly, we could film it socially distant.  It was the most bizarre video shoot I have ever worked on. You realise how important proximity is to getting things done when it’s taken out of the equation. But we did it and it turned out great. Clay has to wait till we release the song to hand in his video project.

Thankfully Clay has now been able to hand in his school project, as the band release video alongside the exciting news that their ninth studio album 10 Songs will be released on October 9th. Billed as an emotionally charged and heartfelt compilation of songs, 10 Songs is an album about the way life comes at love and what love does to weather those challenges.

You might be surprised to know that the Scottish soft-rockers have been playing together for 25 years this year. (If you don’t believe me, double check the iconic video for single Turn and take a trip down nostalgia avenue…). Their line-up has remained the same throughout the bands lifetime and gained acclaim as one of the greatest song-writing exports Scotland has to offer all whilst injecting their melodies into the subconscious of a generation.

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