The Value of Indie Music in Student Life: Building a Love for Alternative Sounds

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Music has a great impact on people and culture, and it always had. Over the years, music styles changed and immersed from people’s creativity and passions. This has given the world new music with diverse foundations for us to enjoy, such as indie music. 

Throughout history, there have been many music genres that saw their fall and rise. One of the most unique forms of them all is ‘alternative’ music. While it is not for everyone’s taste, many enjoy alternative music more than any other genre. The rise of this music still shows up frequently within the mainstream.

But, how can students benefit from this form of music?

Finding Time for Indie Music as a Student

Students these days are busier than ever. For many of them, listening to music is a luxury. They have endless tasks to write and materials to study. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. For starters, if you struggle with writing your assignment, Edubirdie can help you find a professional essay writer to craft it for you. By getting writing help, you’ll get the much-needed time off and energy boost, and you’ll have a chance to explore indie music and what it offers. 

Every now and then, the body and mind need a distraction, something to take it away from the endless obligations of the day. If students want to find their peace and motivation to study better, forming a love for alternative sounds is a great option. Whenever possible, take the time to listen to some indie tunes.

Where Did Indie Music Originate: The History of Indie Rock

When did Indie music start, really? We all know of Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana as one of the most popular artists in the world. What many don’t know is that this famous singer didn’t anticipate the fame. Back in 1994, he screamed at the top of his lungs ‘With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us’. Fast forward a few years, and he started touring the world, enjoying one of the biggest mainstream successes that changed the dynamics of the genre altogether. 

In a bit over forty years, indie rock has transformed from an unfamiliar term to a music revolution. Students and young people are the biggest fans of them all – and for a good reason. 

But, what is indie music and where does it come from?

Indie or alternative rock is a genre that dates from the early 70s. In the beginning, it was used to refer to bands that operated independently. However, bands like Nirvana later signed with labels, but they continued working under the ‘indie’ genre. Today, the term describes the attitudes of the artists and their independent ethic in creating alternative, different music. The majority of the indie artists remain on smaller labels just to enjoy this well-known artistic freedom. 

The idea behind it is to bring people together and make them part of a community. As such, students can truly benefit from listening to this music genre. It will provide them with the much-needed sense of belonging, give them an output for their stress, and help them overcome the academic challenges. 

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The Indie Ethic and Its Value in Student Life

The main thing that sets this genre apart from the mainstream is the ethic. The idea behind it is that everyone who loves music can make it without the help of expensive, big labels. In the past, most pop music came from a few major labels that all aimed for a similar sound. Today, indie music is a signature for different, unique music that doesn’t fit into the mold. 

The youth is most impressed with this music. They find themselves enjoying different tunes and immerse themselves into a more inclusive community of listeners. The whole point of this genre is inclusivity. There’s no definition for it, no rules, and no aims for profits over everything else. 

As such, the indie style of music has impressed many students. The genre is attracting more people all the time, but there are still tons of them who haven’t given it a chance. Whether it is because they are unfamiliar with the genre or lack the time to check out the tunes that fall under it, those students are missing out on a lot. 

You can never know what type of music will capture your attention and give you pleasure. That being said, if you are a student, you should give indie music a test run. It might just be the genre that you’ll love above all, which makes it the perfect place to escape the obligations and stress in your busy academic world. 

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