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The Aces return with new music
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The Aces are dropping their full and upbeat sophomore album Under My Influence just in time to add a soundtrack to your mid-summer spirits.

Based out of Utah, Katie Henderson, McKenna Petty, Alisa Ramirez, and Cristal Ramirez give us a lively album that comes from the core of their lives. The lyrics tell stories of love, lust, and pure fascination. It is like a trip through your 20s, only now you can hit pause, skip, or replay your favorite parts to your heart’s content.

Track 3, My Phone is Trying to Kill Me, is about the all too familiar horror story of trying to avoid your ex during the modern age of the electric leash. Track 7, 801, is a smooth, clear, and sexier than any Tinder date you’ll meet this season. Track 12, Thought of You, promotes the promise of a love-filled fantasy. The final track, Zillionaire, proves that the things that come from the heart can make you feel richer than a fat bank account.

Thoroughly relatable and unmistakable danceable, this group has once again delivered. The Aces are offering up a sound like freshly squeezed juice, and Under My Influence is this summer’s extra sweet release.

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Kendra Brea Cooper

kendra brea cooper

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