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What is a night out other than an escape from the ever-non-changing days we endure? Perhaps a slightly sombre way to look at what many consider “just a bit of fun” but Roosevelt’s album Embrace may just change your mind. The indie electronic artist from Germany has left his comfort zone to deliver a reflective, yet still undeniable groovy record that may just leave you ever do briefly crying in the club.

Roosevelt’s Embrace plays like a night out. The opening track ‘Ordinary Love’ immediately demands the bobbing of your head, setting up the anticipation for the evening you have ahead of you. The following tracks evolve into a funky electronic cocktail that guides you through the sweaty, steamy aisles of the club, dancing with strangers, and existing in that moment alone. 

‘Yucca Mesa’ is an entirely instrumental track. It carries through the themes of the previous songs but allows you to absorb the music wholly without a vocal distraction. It flawlessly flows into the following track ‘Paralyzed’ where Roosevelt’s vocals are reintroduced to bring back to the party. 

The sixth song, ‘Lake Shore’ is a sudden, sobering, splash of cold water. Hidden amongst the festivities sits an introspective, stripped-back ballad that likens to that moment when you suddenly question why you’re out. Why am I here? Am I having fun? Am I happy? I thought I was a few minutes ago and now I’m not too sure. I was until I posed the question to myself. 

Luckily, your friend has just come over with more drinks and the celebration continues with ‘Realize.’ After your moment of doubt, you continue the dance and yes, you are happy. Embrace captures our innate desire for fun all the while knowing there’s a shadow of uncertainty in what we do. 

The final track ‘Alive’ kicks off with a round of applause and faint cheering, the final curtain as the evening draws to a close. ‘Alive’ feels like the perfect end to the album, coming in with the longest run-time – a full 5:55 minutes – and playing with the balancing act of life. It contains the fast-paced synthy sounds explored throughout Embrace as well as the reflective chords scattered through. 


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