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Fatherson are back with much more to say on their third studio album Sum of All Your Parts, set to be released on September 14th through Easy Life Records.

This album feels like being in on a conversation. In a culture where we fear being ghosted or left on read, the words we share with each other are becoming precious. Song titles like Gratitude, Reflection, The Fear, and Building a Wall give us a sense that this album is internal. The lyrics, however, are more social.

The song Reflection, for example, expresses emotion through Greg Wilkinshaw’s haunting percussion underneath Ross Leighton’s vocals that confess “I see my own reflection in the words you say.” In Nothing To No One, under the soft riffs and Marc Strains’ deep and grounding bass, Leighton sings “we haven’t talked in months,” and “ I have a way with words, at least I think I do.”

Fatherson – Making Waves

In Build a Wall he states “I don’t really have anything left to say.” And in their lead single, Making Waves, the chorus flows with the line “you want to tell me something.” Charm School doesn’t miss a strong beat with the heavy guitar riffs that blow open the song. What follows is a melodic daydream supported by optimistic vocals.

There is a sense of tension, both sonically and lyrically, that reflects the pull we feel between our private selves and our social lives. That tension is created and relieved by our words to each other. Sum of All Your Parts asks us to consider all the ways our conversations make us who we are as it moves our bodies with some phenomenal bass lines.

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Fatherson - Sum Of All Your Parts

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Kendra Brea Cooper

kendra brea cooper

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