Lauran Hibberd shares tongue-in-check single ‘Old Nudes’

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Lauran Hibberd’s contagious new song Old Nudes embraces past mistakes with humour and an upbeat rhythm. Hailing from the Isle of Wight, the singer embodies girl power in the best way, and proves that it’s okay to make mistakes (as long as you can write great songs about them after). Old Nudes is one of her catchiest songs to date and this track contributes to her colourful indie pop portfolio. The track comes with an equally hilarous video, filmed at her home during lockdown. Watch and listen below.

Old Nudes features Hibberd’s signature style that couldn’t be pulled off by anyone else. Fuzzy guitars, grunge effects and witty lyrics are all so precisely combined to create a relatable and fun loving track. The honesty that courses throughout all of her songs is evident here, and Hibberd revealed:

‘Old Nudes’ is unfortunately based upon a true story. We’ve all been there right!?

The satirical lyric style is another element that makes Old Nudes such a Lauran Hibberd track, and her bubbly vocals sing genius lines such as ‘missed you like my last payment of rent’ as just one of the examples.

Hibberd proves that sharing Old Nudes (the song!) was worth it, as she continues her conquer of the indie pop world.

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