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Following the release of their debut EP, You’re Welcome, earlier this year, today, Brighton-based duo Lambrini Girls have shared the important visual for ‘Boys In The Band’, with a slice of their tongue-in-cheek humour.

Of the video, the band state:

We’ve been planning the release of this music video for a while and the recent events in the media just confirmed its relevance further. Our song, Boys in the Band- is about SA and abuse in the music scene. The recent influx of conversations of abuse culture comes down to another bombshell revelation in pop culture when another celebrity turns out to be a nonce. However, we need to be shouting about this constantly. Opening conversations about abuse culture is appropriate, all the time because this happens, all the time.

The duo continue:

We made [the video] the day after we got back from playing a festival. We were totally destroyed and just raw dogged the whole thing. We tried to invite a crowd of people down to the Green Door Store where we were filming the video and only 5 people turned up. The idea behind one of the scenes was to depict invisibility by playing in the middle of an indifferent “crowd”. We had a makeshift green screen, some venue toilets and our guitars. Lilly had food poisoning and was trying not to throw up the whole time. Phoebe’s trousers were ripped from behind. We made this video with Bristol director Harry Steel.

Alongside the music video, Lambrini Girls have also released a limited-edition, long sleeve, priced at £30, with 100% of its profits going to SA charities – Refuge, Rape Crisis, and Safeline.

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