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"When times get hard and the money dries up, we’re out on our own"

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Having recently announced the release of their debut album This Time Next Year for February 5th 2021, we’ve had a remote chat with newcomers Kid Kapichi about the album, picking up new hobbies during lockdown, the absence of live music and what else they have planned for the future.

This Time Next Year was, due to Covid-19 restrictions, largely self-produced; how did you find the experience? And would you now choose to self-produce your next album/s?

Yeah, it was always something we had talked about doing at some point. We just didn’t quite anticipate it being our debut album. It was a good experience though, putting ideas straight from our heads onto paper, as such, without having to go through any middle men. Any explaining on what we wanted it to sound like. It just sounded how we wanted it to sound because we were ultimately at the helm. We’d definitely like to work with producers again in the future but we’re in no rush to hang up the producing apron just yet. 

Lyrically, you’re a band that doesn’t shy away from the political. What are your thoughts about the disregard the government has shown towards artists in recent months? And does this disregard ever discourage you from your work?

It doesn’t discourage us- if anything it’s just a constant fuel to the flame, and a never-ending giver of real content. I do think the way that not only musicians, but all people in the arts, have been left to rot is disgusting, but totally predictable. I don’t know why it took a pandemic to come along for some people to realise just how low on the priority list we always have been. Just feels like we’ve been getting pimped out by the tories. Flaunted and used when it suits them, but when times get hard and the money dries up, we’re out on our own. 

You’ve got a pretty great history of supporting some pretty great artists live (Frank Carter, Fidlar, Slaves). Who would you most like to support you now and/or who else would you love to support?

The dream would always be to support Queens Of The Stone Age. I imagine that’s a lot of people’s support pinnacle. When it comes to who supports us, we just like to work with people who we get on with as people, someone that we can have a laugh with and not take it all too seriously. 

How are you coping with the global gig-drought- have you picked up any new habits or hobbies?

I’ve got really into mushrooms. And by that I mean walking around forests and looking at mushrooms. . . For real. 

You released a podcast mini-series during lockdown, ‘Lockdown Lowdown’, that featured the brilliant segment, Animal Fact Of The Week. Do you have an animal fact to share today?

Yeah, good old animal facts of the week. Lemme just check my internal locker for a juicy fact. Did you know that the Mantis Shrimp has the fastest punch in the world? Most of us would consider a boxer to have an extremely fast punch, however that tops out at a mere 50mph. The mantis shrimp’s punch actually accelerates faster than a 22 Caliber bullet. 

Where do you hope to be this time next year?

Back at it.

Due February 5th, Kid Kapichi’s debut album  This Time Next Year is available to pre-order now.

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