With love and support already coming in from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6Music, Amazing Radio, and making it onto Clash Magazine’s coveted ‘Next Wave’ feature in recent months, rising frontman Jack Conman now looks to showcase his forthcoming debut album Seventh Sense Libido with his latest offering Come Back In The Room.

As a self-producing artist, Jack’s sense of depth and atmospheric on this new release is palpable. With nods to the likes of R.E.M. and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, his newest delight matches his own distinctly husky vocals with a warm and sweeping direction throughout.

So with his new jam delighting us from start to finish, we decided to sit down with him to find out more about his new material and what he has planned for the months ahead.

Hi Jack, how are you today? Still feeling the heat outside?

I’m feeling pretty clammy, yeah, I’m sweating just sat on my couch these days.

For those that aren’t familiar with your sound, how would you best describe it?

It’s sad, moany, white boy music with varying energy depending on which song you’re listening to! It’s a bit like an angsty teenager trying to write music that’s as good as Leonard Cohen’s.

You have just released your new single ‘Come Back In The Room’. What was the inspiration behind that release?

The song is about stubbornness in a friendship/relationship scenario. Some people just can’t admit that they’re wrong or that they’ve hurt you and they bury their head in their own emotional neglect. It’s basically getting fed up about going round and circles and saying “fuck this I’m going” and hoping that they say “No, come back in the room, let’s sort this out”.

And how do you go about recording your material?

I record everything in my room apart from drums! I’ve got a Neumann TLM-102 microphone, a laptop and a midi keyboard and I basically use that to record everything. If I need some drums, I send them to my friend in Hull who has a studio and he usually just plays the parts himself and sends me them back. I like using as little gear as possible and just focusing on the bare bones of the song. I wouldn’t really say I’m a producer, more of a songwriter who can play a few instruments.

You are releasing your debut album ‘Seventh Sense Libido” later this year. What can we expect to hear on that?

I feel like “come back in the room” is one of the more up-tempo song, so the rest of the album is lot more chilled out. I tried to make the album so that each song is centred around a negative emotion, first song being frustration, second song being resentment, third song being rejection and so on. So every song is a sonic representation of the emotion.

There’s songs which have 7 or 8 instruments on them and there’s also songs with just 1 instrument and vocals. I tried to make this album in a very varied way so that each song is quite different.

Coronavirus has obviously halted the live gigs, but what do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m getting straight back to recording the next album! I think due to living in Manchester the lockdown rules are even stricter, so I’m just going to focus on recording as much material as possible and making as much online content as I can to keep the ball rolling. Hopefully we can all play live again soon!

And finally, what has been the most unusual thing to happen to you since you started as a musician?

I had one of the Rothschilds get in touch because she wanted me to have a meeting about being on her label, it was quite surreal and terrifying but she ghosted me in the end so I never got to meet her. I wonder how she’s doing…

Jack Conman’s new single ‘Come Back In The Room’ is available to stream and download now. Have a listen to it below.


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Chris Bound

chris bound

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