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Following on from the announcement of his new album, A Firmer Hand*, set for release August 16th via So Recordings, alongside its lead single, ‘Big Cat Tattoos’, and its follow-up, ‘Nancy Dearest’, today Hamish Hawk shares the powerful and anthemic, ‘Men Like Wire’. 

Of the single, Hawk states:

In “Bakerloo, Unbecoming”, I wrote “essentially it comes down [again] to the limitless mysteries of other men”. “Men Like Wire” is a deeper excavation of that idea. In short, it’s about men. Men I have and haven’t known, men I’ve seen, heard, loved and lost. Men I’ve been seated next to at weddings, bus stops and dinner parties, on trains, beds and park benches. They’re all in there, for better, for worse.

The track arrives with its accompanying music video, directed by Andrew Pearson, the guitarist in Hamish’s live band and a co-songwriter. The video features a variety of well-dressed men, some like wire, some less so, perfectly complementing the thoughts conveyed in the song. 

Hamish Hawk is set to play an extensive number of shows to promote the new record. He has recently announced that he will be supporting Elbow in the summer and Travis in December. Additionally, he is set to play numerous in-store and out-store performances leading up to the release. All dates can be found below.

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