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It has been three years since Gengahr released their last album, Sanctuary. During this time, much has changed for everyone, including the band itself. It wouldn’t be a wild shot in the dark to assume that these years have forced us all to pause and reflect, and Gengahr found themselves put through the wringer too – making peace with what they’ve been through. Now, the band return with their fourth album, Red Sun Titans, released through their own record label, with a new team behind them, and a renewed lease of life.

An ode to sleepless nights, Alkali opens the fourteen-track album. A kaleidoscopic number that intertwines vocalist Felix Bushe’s lyrics with a grounded, satisfying synth beat throughout, which perfectly prepares listeners for the sun-soaked and lively tracks that follow from it.

Previous single and title track, Red Sun Titans, then takes the reins, embracing the simplicity of the tones of an acoustic guitar whilst discussing the helplessness and complacency that many of us experience when thinking of global warming. A track not made for stating facts, nor for offering solutions, Red Sun Titans embraces the absurd course of life, and rolls with it. 

Upon resuming following a brief interlude, the listener is transported back to Gengahr’s earlier singles, A Ladder and In The Moment. These tunes demonstrate the band’s adeptness in crafting infectious pop melodies that have amassed a devoted following. A Ladder boasts impactful lyrics on the transformative potency of love, while n The Moment urges listeners to break free from the humdrum of daily life and create purposeful memories.

Heels To The Moon is an atmospheric, bouncy number that is propelled by acoustic guitar and the steady drum beat of Danny Ward, with White Lightening then a more rock-influenced number, both tracks showcase the band’s ability to push the boundaries of genre, whilst maintaining in line with their signature style, which will surely satisfy existing fans whilst attracting new ones. 

The album takes a new path from this point on, delving into the complexities of ageing. Tracks such as In My Way, Collapse, and Napoleon showcase the band’s self-reflection and contemplation. They confront their egos, embrace the transformations they’ve undergone, and scrutinise the worth of their pursuits.

Red Sun Titans is the sound of a band re-born, with the energy and inspiration from the past in their back pockets, Gengahr feel refreshed, with a bright, independent outlook for the future. Allowing them to embrace the idea of being the underdogs, the album is so good because of its message of Gengahr being a group of friends finding joy in doing what they love.

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