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Since signing to Boy Pablo’s record label, 777 Records, at the tail end of last year, it has seemed like FUR have been on a path leading to great things. With their following growing at a rapid pace thanks to the likes of TikTok and an interactive WhatsApp group chat, the band had the opportunity to build a loyal, ever-growing fanbase without so much as a debut album. However this week sees FUR finally release their debut album, When You Walk Away

The album opens with the bright tones of When You Walk Away Pt I, setting the mood for the album with its optimistic, catchy instrumentation that is destined to get stuck in listeners heads. Showcasing how talented FUR really are, the opening track introduces the bands unique mix of both contemporary and traditional rock which feels fresh, yet also comfortingly familiar. 

Tinted with an air of cheerful optimism, Anyone Else But Me follows. The track, written about the often taboo issues of self-loathing and how hard it is not to compare yourself to your musical idols when you’re growing up, is then juxtaposed by its upbeat instrumentation. With smart nods to The Cure’s pop efforts present throughout the main hook, Anyone Else But Me is an early highlight within When You Walk Away, reassuring fans that self-scrutiny is not always a negative thing and that everyone is unique. 

The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life, previous single – marking the bands comeback and first release since their 2020 EP the Facing Home Mixtape, is a lesson in a collaboration between both rock and pop. Showcasing FURs love and ability for creating confident instrumentation with a deep, catchy, set of lyrics, The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life discusses self-reflection and letting go of things that have happened to you in the past, yet combines that with Murrays uplifting vocals and positive instrumentation to create a danceable track. 

Shes The Warmest Colour In My Find feels fierce and clean, proving that FUR are a band ready for their giant step forward – and that they are extremely deserving of their successes. What I Am holds a reeling, captivating atmosphere which enables the band to take you to a new, shimmery reality far away from home, and shows off FURs capabilities to create these fascinating numbers that take you to a different place. 

Perhaps the most emotive track on When You Walk Away, Love You All The Time, gives a masterclass in songwriting. Honest, reflective and sincere in its message yet pairing that with FURs signature instrumentation that tints the song with optimism. Love You All The Time discusses the problems of wanting to be with someone, yet anticipating encountering problems and losing the person. 

The album then closes with the title tracks reprise, When You Walk Away Part II, is another album highlight, allowing listeners to take a moment to reflect on those feelings and emotions displayed throughout the album. It brings a sense of peacefulness to the album, which then balances out some of the classic rock inspired tracks, a perfect closer. 

When You Walk A Way is a triumph for FUR, enabling them to showcase their self-awareness and emotion with a high level of class that many bands aspire to achieve. With the release of their debut, the band show a high level of showmanship and create a body of work they should be proud of. 


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Katie Macbeth

katie macbeth

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