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In May, Ellis Evason released his most successful single to date. ‘Lipstick,’ featuring Ezra Bell’s Benjamin Wuamett, broke 50,000 streams on Spotify, received reviews from multiple publications and was played on the artist’s local radio station. Now, Evason is back with a new summer EP that blends classic hip-hop elements with a feeling of something new and rejuvenated. 

Throughout the EP, aptly named ‘SUMMER_PAK,’ the rapper takes on a journey of self-love and an unapologetic embrace of one’s own physicality. The themes throughout, although at times feel boastful, are delivered with a wink of irony that reminds the listener not to take anything said too seriously and instead, take delight in the ride. 

The strength of ‘SUMMER_PAK’ comes from Evason’s delivery. His vocal tone glides deliciously over the expertly selected samples to create a listening experience that feels like molasses oozing into your ear. The rapper’s flow feels irresistible as he manages to translate his natural charm through the way in which he distributes each word. It’s a sound that captures not only his artistic awareness but also his magnetic presence as a performer.

‘SUMMER_PAK’ captures the very essence of the season it embodies. Evason has written a collection of music that resonates with authenticity, inviting listeners to revel in the euphoria of the moment. It’s a collection of melodies that implores us to let loose and savour the rhythm of life. 

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