DEADLETTER Share New Single, ‘Madge’s Declaration’, taken from Debut EP

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Today, DEADLETTER share the latest offering from their debut EP, Heat!, set for release on November 18th via SO Recordings, arriving in the form of Madge’s Declaration. The band are currently wrapping up an EU tour supporting Placebo which includes a date at Brixton’s O2 Academy. 

Drawing inspiration from the materialistic way that individuals like to treat each other, as a population that chooses to disregard values to instead engage in what could be seen as a never-ending pursuit of material articles. The idea for the track, alongside its name, is drawn from Madonna’s 1984 single, Material Girl

Speaking of the track, frontman Zac Lawrence states:

We wanted to make something that had elements of humour and danceability, trying to explore a genuinely terrifying idea in a manner which mirrors our cultural fascination with it. Our tendency to work around the drumbeat and bassline is highly evident here, with the song climaxing in a cacophony of primal ecstasy.

Showcasing the sound of a band starting to find their feet in the studio, the band’s debut EP, Heat!, allows DEADLETTER to mature both sonically and conceptually. The EP features Madge’s Declaration, alongside previous singles Binge, and Weights.

Debut EP Heat! out November 18th

Hot on the heels of the completion of their huge UK tour, DEADLETTER today return with their latest single, Weights, alongside the announcement of their debut EP, Heat!, which is set for release on November 18th via SO Recordings. 

Seeing the band develop the frantic energy introduced with their earlier releases, Weights sees DEADLETTER lean into a deeper bass accentuation, with an even more thoughtful arrangement of instrumentation – then binded together with silver linings, reflecting on the fact that it’s okay to accept that you’re not always right, and that you can ask for help if things get too much.

Speaking of the single, lead vocalist Zac Lawrence states:

‘Weights’ in parts, is a pessimistic musing on the experiences you take with you through life, which can feel like a physical burden to be dragged without reprieve. But it’s also a track of silver linings, as it aims to cement the idea that it’s fine to accept that you’re not always alright, and that you can ask for help should things get too heavy – and that’s often the only way of lessening the load. It’s informed by sorrow and self-loathing, but also joy and healing.

The sound of a band starting to find their feet in the studio, the band’s debut EP, Heat!, allows DEADLETTER to take giant leaps both sonically and conceptually, with an obvious, notable progression from their early singles. 

Already, DEADLETTER have built themselves quite the live reputation – with last year seeing them tour relentlessly supporting the likes of Do Nothing, Yard Act, and Tropical Fuck Storm. Tonight sees the band wrap up an extensive UK tour with a sold-out show at London’s 100 Club, before heading to Paris and Antwerp and Left Of The Dial Rotterdam. 

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