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Bleached return with new single Stupid Boys

“Making light of a dark situation has been a tool I’ve used to get through challenging times,” says Jennifer Clavin, one half of LA hailing, sister-duo Bleached. Their latest single, Stupid Boys, employs this tool this perfectly.

Guitarist Jessica seems to have forged her instrument from the LA sunshine itself; her sparkling riffs stamp a distinctly Californian joy onto the short-but-sweet track. It’s the kind of song made to be played in a coming-of-age movie, the protagonist and their best friend driving in a cabriolet down a palm-tree-lined road.

Wrapped up in these two minutes of sonic warmth, though, are Jennifer’s troubling lyrics. “Restraining order keeps you away” she sings. Recounted in the song is a lengthy list of offences from vengeful ex-boyfriends. But the call-and-response delivery and intermittent ‘hey!’s make Stupid Boys a twisted sing-along.

This is the first release to follow their 2019 LP Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough, which was produced just after getting sober.

“You always take it, like, way too far” might be a lighthearted brush-off of some self-proclaimed ‘challenging times’, but what’s apparent within this exorcism of the “stupid boys with broken hearts” is evidently another happy step in the band’s self-healing.

Bleached - Stupid Boys (Single)

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Elise Price

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