Credit: Samantha Hall
Black Honey at Riverside Newcastle October 22 2018
Credit: Samantha Hall

I stepped into the Riverside as first support act of the night, Russo, were on stage, and boy what a lovely welcome that was. Frontwoman Cailin Russo had incredible stage presence, speaking to the crowd as if they were friends that had just met in the street. All the way from San Diego, Russo have recently released an EP titled House With A Pool, which I definitely recommend.

Up next were Manchester band, PINS. Recently seeing PINS play at Darlington’s Last Train Home Festival back in September, I knew to expect their usual, powerful presence and I wasn’t disappointed. Part of a very long list of female fronted/all female bands that I aspire to be nearly as cool as, PINS are crazy-good live, and it’s safe to say the rest of the Riverside agreed with me. The venue was packed and crowd alive and kicking throughout their set, and it’s safe to say PINS went home with a good few new fans.

By the time Black Honey took to the stage, the atmosphere was ecstatic. Gushing to their peers about how excited they were, everyone was clearly buzzing.

Opening with I Only Hurt The Ones I Love, first track on their debut, self-titled album, Black Honey were nothing short of impressive from the off. Frontwoman Izzy B Phillips is truly a dream. She oozed essence of mystery that left the audience hooked on her every last word, inviting them into her little bubble of musical tranquility.

The evening’s repertoire was the perfect concoction of hits new and old. Bad Friends was an obvious hit, as well as Madonna and Crowded City. Things slowed down slightly for the beautiful Blue Romance, but picked straight back up again as the band swung into Just Calling and powerful Into The Nightmare.

One of Black Honey’s earliest releases Spinning Wheel, allowed the crowd to burst – a massive pit opening up that took up pretty much all of the floor. This was a frequent occurrence from this point on, with fans going wild.

Video: Black Honey – Midnight (Live)

Final three tracks performed were Hello Today, Corrine and latest single Midnight – three of Black Honey’s most well loved and iconic hits. Corrine was one of my personal favourites, the chorus being sung right back at the band by pretty much everyone in the room. Midnight well and truly sent the crowd into a frenzy, it’s dancey, electro theme perfectly rounding up the night.

As the house lights came on it was clear to see nothing but pure delight in the crowd’s faces. Black Honey took time to meet fans and sign posters by the merch stand too, a lovely move by the band which definitely shows how much they appreciate everything they’ve earned.

I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for Black Honey, and considering they’re an unsigned band full of ambition and talent, I’m sure it’s going to be a bright one.

Black Honey Setlist

  1. I Only Hurt The Ones I Love
  2. Madonna
  3. All My Pride
  4. Bad Friends
  5. Dig
  6. Somebody Better
  7. Crowded City
  8. Blue Romance
  9. Just Calling
  10. Into The Nightmare
  11. Spinning Wheel
  12. What Happened To You
  13. Baby
  14. Hello Today
  15. Corrine
  16. Midnight
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