Transporting us back to a 90’s coming of age soundtrack, alt-pop band Bad Love’s brand new track Hurricane is the perfect companion for late night drives. Listen below.

Hurricane follows on from the band’s debut single released back in February, and pursues a similar sound to solidify Bad Love’s success at producing infectious sad-boy tunes.

The track discusses raw emotional truths about finding new love, and the vacuum that fresh faced lovers are pulled into. The explosive synths mirror the intoxication of new relationships and this complete exhilaration is accompanied with thundering drum beats. Each of the bold elements liken this band to names as big as The 1975, and frontman Andy Gannon sings intimate lyrics such as ‘lipstick stains down my neck’ to faultlessly capture emotions. Speaking about the track, Gannon summarised it to be how ‘that hurricane of feelings is like a montage in your head’.

Bad Love’s latest alt-pop track Hurricane reflects the accelerating pace of new relationships, alongside the direction of their music career as we fall in love with them.

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