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As the king of sad-boy pop, it was inevitable that the next track from Bad Love was going to be great. Cashmere Tears marks their fourth release of this year, and it’s wholly relevant after being written during lockdown. Listen below.

Cashmere Tears is an electro-pop track that will make you feel better about being sad. In the usual style of upbeat masking a darker subject matter, the new single is perfect to cheer you up. Synths dance around with bold ‘80s drums masking the heartbreak. Vibrant and cinematic synths create a euphoric explosion which is heightened in the chorus.

Frontman Andy Gannon explains that ‘for me, Cashmere tears is a song about how the security of home can hold you back’. It explores a world where a girl is stuck in a toxic relationship with a mundane lifestyle. Lyrics ‘feels like heaven but hurts like hell’ capture the dilemma behind moving away from a familiar situation.

Bad Love’s latest single Cashmere Tears pushes the boundaries with electrifying synths and infectious lyrics. It’s certainly one to listen to.
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