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Originally from the UK, Melbourne-based Avro Arvo inspires his soundscapes by the coastline and beaches of Australia, where delicate guitar licks and funky basslines complement the work of his ethereal vocals.

The artist and producer expands his sound with his second release of the year, Treasure Hunt. The sun-drenched vocals are backed by strong synths, a slinky bass line, and a rhythmic drum pattern that deliver a catchy electronic song with strong lyrics that reveal themselves over repeated listens

Avro comments on the track:

A mixture of dreaming reality into existence, amongst reminiscent experiences, ‘Treasure Hunt’ explores the fine line between comfort and naivety when it comes to romance. The inquisitively thematic lyrics explore the mind of a person navigating an emotional connection, whilst acknowledging that it doesn’t matter what activity you are doing, as long it is with the person you want to be with.

As a former half of indie-pop duo Fool Child, Avro Avro turned to electronic sounds and smooth guitar licks, as well as funky basslines accompanied by synthesizers.

Treasure Hunt is part of our New Indie Bands Playlist.

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