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Taken from their upcoming album, Wolf & Moon have used their voices and sounds to tell the story of pure, unadulterated intimacy with the delicate Eyes Closed. Listen below.

Starting off natural with a palm-muted guitar and basic percussive elements, a melancholic synth later takes the lead to create that otherworldly feel. Arguably the most potent trait of this track is the overwhelming nostalgia it has the ability to conjure up in the listener. You feel like you knew this song in a past life, as if it was once your habitat. 

The song remains gentle throughout and is the reassuring hand on your shoulder. The vocals – one low, one high – work well to create a heavy feeling of unity and comfort. 

The lyrics focus on a person, describing their features in some of the most simple yet flattering and heartwarming ways; “your mouth is cinnamon”. Sounding as if the two vocalists are singing to one another, we feel like we’ve walked in on an intimate moment.

The reverb put on the vocals makes everything they sing dreamier and further creates that “unreal” quality that gives you the impression you’re in a dream or a nostalgic memory, thinking back on a time of love.

Eyes Closed seems to be the perfect choice for a single off the duos upcoming album, capturing their sound and a million emotions in less than 3 and a half minutes.

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Holly Quinn

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