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Epic and ambitious; brand new experimental rock band We Faith announce their arrival with a ten track eponymously titled debut album, which fuses the colossal scale and emotional intensity of post rock with the raw originality of no wave and art rock, recalling such aspects of such pioneering acts as Deftones, My Vitriol and Seafood.

We Faith introduce themselves with lead single “Maybe Soon, Now”, which exhibits the noise-wave band at their most intense and includes former members of London based indie rock band I Am In Love, Martin Brien (vocals/guitar) and Edmund Grunill (drums) are joined by Charlie Upham (vocals/guitar) and Oli Micklethwaite-Howe (bass).

Taking DIY to a whole new level, We Faith’s first full length ten track album was recorded, produced and self-released entirely by the band over a period of 18 months in various home-studio settings and warehouses. An impressive feat given that none of them had mixed a song before, and especially because of the added complications of COVID which continually hampered the process.

Yet, the adversity led to greater innovation and inclusion, as each band member turned to the other for ideas and inspiration.

Doing a DIY record was really challenging but rewarding. What made it special was that we let each others’ influences shine through on our individual parts and it was really satisfying to hear them combine so well together.

Charlie Upham

We Faith release their self-titled debut on Friday 5th of February, available online via download and streaming platforms.

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