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"Everything I write is based on what I’ve lived through."

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18 year old Guildford artist Tom King has recently released his new single Hiding Away. We’ve had a chat with him about his songwriting, his favourite music and his plans for the future.

Hi Tom, introduce yourself! How would you describe the music that you create?

Hi, I’m Tom King from Guildford. I’m 18 years old. I live with my mum, dad, brother Charlie and my cute dog – a golden retriever – called Lily. I’d describe my songs as emotional pop ballads.

Were there any artists that you listened to and knew you wanted to be a musician?

When I was little I listened to music my mum liked – Lady Gaga was a favourite, but she also loved musicals and took me to loads of those, so for years I wanted to go into musical theatre.

Has your songwriting process changed much since you began writing music?

When I started out I wrote on my own, my recent single Be That For Me comes from that period. Then I met Paul Aiden and wrote my first two singles with him. Recently I’ve been able to go into the studio with the brilliant Jonathan Quarmby and I’ve done some Zoom session with Eg White. I’ve got loads more studio sessions coming up. I love writing with other people. It helps me focus on the lyrics and melodies more.

You use intricate guitar picking in many of your songs, so big question – acoustic or electric guitar?!

I actually don’t play the guitar myself – I’m a keys player – but I love the sound of the guitar and the way it blends with my voice. I feel like I’ve done more with electric guitar, but I really love the chilled vibe an acoustic has.

You must’ve been busy recently due to three singles all released this year, did you find lockdown a time to be more or less creative?

Well, it all started for me in lockdown. I should’ve been doing my A levels and focusing on school work, but once the exams were cancelled, I was able to do what I really love. I’ve had more writing sessions and written more songs in lockdown than I have my whole life because I’ve had time to do as many writing sessions as I wanted.

What would be your dream festival to headline?

Probably Glastonbury. It’s legend. If I could perform on the Pyramid Stage, I’d really feel I’d made it!

Your lyrics are stunning. Are they written from personal experience, or observing others?

Everything I write is based on what I’ve lived through. But although my songs are all sad, I’m actually generally a happy person!

If you could listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be?

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Are there any fellow upcoming musicians/bands that you want the world to know about?

I’ve recently been working with a great guitarist called FONX, who also goes by the name of Corey Fox-Fardell with his more acoustic stuff. He’s great and has a new single out called Angle. I’ve also recently done a gig which’ll be streamed soon with Matt Wills and Topher, who are both great singer songwriters.

What’s next for you?! Can we expect an EP soon?

Hopefully! I’m certainly working towards and EP or an album, I’m releasing new music every month. I’d love to have an album ready sometime next year.

Tom King’s new single Hiding Away is available to stream and download as of now. Watch the video for the track below.
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